Introduction: Cipher Device

This is how to make a homemade Cipher Device for fun by recycling used or damaged cds. I did this fast but you can get more creative and make it a bit more complex or even more durable using stickers and other materials found at home.

Step 1: Materials

First find cds you dont need or that don't work. One large one small.

Step 2: DVD Case

Then Find a dvd case you don't need or are tossing.

Step 3: Tools

You will need a marker and a ruler. With these make lines dividing up the cds. You can make it so that you get 16 divisions or more depending on how you want to make it using more of the alphabet. You can be neater about it then I was. Again I was rushing.

Step 4: Divisions

Make the divisions. I think I already mentioned that. Ok but here is an idea of how to do this.

Step 5: More Lines

More lines. Again you can do this way neater or use a cd label thingy.

Step 6: Divide Small Cd

You want to make sure both cds are divided up.

Step 7: Characters

Now you can add the alphabet or numbers or whatever you want to use.

Step 8: Put in DVD Case

Place the cds in the dvd case with the smaller cd on the outside. Make sure the letters are facing you.

Step 9: Complete

Complete cipher by creating a key or rule for use. Thats it thats how you make a homemade Cipher Device.