Introduction: Circle Rings

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This instructable will show you how to make these cute rings. I hope you like it!!!

Step 1: What Do You Need?

To make these rings, you will need:

- wire
- pliers
- round object matching the size of you finger
- thick cardboard
- bamboo skewer 

Step 2: The Mold

Cut the bamboo skewer in four pieces. Add the pieces to the cardboard as shown in the pictures.

Step 3: Bending

You need to start with making a loop that fits over the bamboo skewer. Then, wrap the wire around the bamboo skewers as shown in the pictures.

Step 4: The Next Part

So, after four circles, there are no more bamboo skewers.

You can, carefully, take the circles off the mold. Put the last circle on the first bamboo skewer. Using the same wrapping teqnique, you can wrap another three circles. Then you have to get it off the mold again.

Step 5: Measuring

You can measure the ring by wrapping it around the round object. When the ring has reached the right size, the circle will touch eachother. The picture shows mine when it had 13 circles, I needed to add one more.

Step 6: Closing

You can cut off the remaining wire now.

Open the first circle and put the last circle in, then close it again.

Step 7: Make It a Bit Rounder

You can make the ring rounder by putting it on your round object and flattening it against the sides of the object.

Step 8: Finished

That's it!

I hope you liked this project :)

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