Introduction: Circuit Scribe OR Gate

A logical OR gate using the circuit scribe development kit

Here's are



OR : HERE !!

Step 1: What You Need


Conductive ink pen

Electroninks magnetic component ruler (The transparent plastic thing with holes)

A non conductive surface for magnetic components to snap-on (comes with kit)

Circuit scribe magnet attachable electronics:

-2 NPN transistors

-3 Resistor holders

-2 SPST switches

-1 Battery Connector

-1 9V battery

-1 LED

-3 10k Ohm resistors

For parts not found in magnetic circuitscribe kit we use regular electronic component and tape it to paper

-Duct tape



-Multimeter (Optional - Makes life easier)

Step 2: Drawing the Circuit

I take it for garnted that you know how to read a schematic, If not go find a tutorial.

When drawing the circuit with conductive ink it is easy to screw up as you can see in the attached image (Most certainly when sleepy), When in need of removing a fase connection the best way is to sever it using a cutter (carefully!) or by scarping with the probes of a multimeter until paper is cut (easier)

Make sure to use the ruler to mark the distance between the two ends of a magnetic component and fill the holes at around 90%.

After drawing the circuit with conductive ink use a connectivity tester on a multimeter and ensure that your connections are conducting.

Step 3: Connecting

Simply, insert the snap-on surface (The rectangular thing that magnetic components snap-on) below the paper and start adding magnetic components where intended, If you as I did lacked a magnetic component fear not, in the place it should've been fetch a regular electronic component with the same function and firmly attach to the circles where the magnetic one would stick using duct tape

sometimes after drawing you find that 2 components are made too close together that to fit one the other needs to be offset a little bit this can be fixed by enlarging the holes

If all is well you should have a working OR gate, If not go over with multi-meter and check voltage and resistances and look for shorts