Introduction: Circuit Board Nameplate

I made this for my girlfriend for valentines day and she seems to be considerably happy with it. It is also very good soldering practice (I learned a thing or two).

Step 1: Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials:
-perf board

Step 2: Insert Wire

1. strip ends of wires
2. insert wire into board
3. bend the ends of the wire to hold it in place

Step 3: Repeat

this is where it gets tedious you need to repeat the previous step many times to spell anything meaningful


this is a very important step, especially if you are trying to write a long message check all your spelling because it will be a pain to desolder then resolder the entire message.

Step 5: Solder and Trim

1. solder all the wires in place (don't worry about short circuits there will be no electricity flowing through it).
2. Trim the extra leads

Step 6: Optional Steps

- add a stand
- multi-colored wire
-  paint