Introduction: Circuit Board Art

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I've always wanted to make art out of broken stuff and I already had a few pieces of wood from a pallet I used from myWooden animal trap so I just went with it!

Step 1: Model

Step 2: Items and Tools Needed


  1. pallet
  2. circut board


  1. saw
  2. hammer
  3. pliers

Step 3: Line Up a Frame

To make the frame I cut off two pieces that had nails in them and I found a few shards of wood (if you don't have shards just hit a pallet with a sledge hammer -----[] )

Then line up the pieces around the circut board in the the way you think looks best and even them out with the saw

Step 4: Glue!

For this step glue the pieces together while you have them in the order you want.

Once the glue dries then using hot glue glue the circut board onto the wood (you can't see it very well but in the second picture there is some hot glue)

Step 5: Flatten the Nails

If your pieces of wood have nails in them just take them out (a little wiggling should do the trick) and using pliers and a hammer bend it to a ninety degree angle them put it back in

Step 6: Add a Way to Hang It!

Using two eyelets screws screw them in on opposite sides

Then string a piece of wire between them

Step 7: Hang It!

Just pick a place with a nail and hang it!

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