Introduction: Circular Cutter Chuck Adapter From a Stand-Off

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Have you ever felt being so frustrated with a job that can’t perfectly done due to lack of proper or convenient tool?

Well I guess everyone did.

For quite some time I’ve been doing some holes on enclosures of projects I made with not so proper tool. Sometimes I even used soldering iron to do so which is not very convenient since I get to those fumes emitted through the process.

Cutting pcb’s and other materials I need usually ends up using paper cutters.

Luckily one day I stumbled upon this stand-offs from my work. Realizing its potential benefit, I gathered my tools.

So this is how this instructable was given birth to.

Stand-offs are quit common parts at any electronic stores. Its basic function is to isolate your circuit boards from other components in a given device by raising an assembly to another.

In this instructable we are going to create a circular cutter chuck adapter out of a stand-off.

So let's get started!

Step 1: Material(s) and Tools:

Few stuff are needed for this project and below are the list.

Materials: Stand-off with screw

Circular Cutting Disc

Tools Needed:

Sand Paper

Drill (Power or Mini Drill)

Screw Driver

Step 2: Remove the Stand-off's Threads:

There are no special modifications here. Just remove the stand-offs threads to fit into the chuck of your Dremel or any drill you have. Removing the threads provides stability and your adapter becomes well-fitted in the chuck.

You can accomplish this in so many ways. What I did is I inserted the stand-off in a power drill making it a handheld lathe then while the stand-off is spinning, I grinded the threads using a course grit sand paper. In this way the threads will be evenly removed from the stand-off shaft.

You just have to make sure that the threads were not overly grinded which might not fit properly in your chuck.

From time to time stop the power drill then check the threads if were still visible. I not, then finish the shaft with a fine grit sand paper.

Step 3: Finishing

Try to fit the stand-off to you drill chuck. Repeat the grinding if you found the shaft is not having a good fit on the chuck. Once fitted and you feel satisfied with the play, put now the circular cutting disc unto the other side then tighten the screw for better grip and safety as well.

Now you have your own circular cutter chuck adapter. You can try to cut holes and panels to test its functionality.

Thanks for your attention!

Hope you learned from it.

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