Introduction: Circular RGB LED Ornament

This is 4 RGB color LED circles connected into one ornament. After power on, it starts turning on LED-s according a software coded into an Arduino board.

Step 1: Build Electronics

Connect the 4 LED circles to each other and to the Arduino board with wires according to attached schematic. Connect the power supply. It must be 5V DC at least 500mA power supply.

BOM list:

1 pc ICStation 60 Particles WS2812 5050 RGB LED Circular Lamp

1 pc Pro Mini Microcontroller Circuit Board for Arduino (5V / 16MHz)

1 pc 5VDC min. 500 mA power supply

1 pc crochet made with Crochet Pattern Player

Step 2: Upload Software

Attached you can find the software. Open it with Arduino IDE You can modify the code as your need and upload it to Arduino mini board. The program is an example software available for FastLED, shows how to use palettes of colours with FastLED.

Step 3: Crochet the Gadget

Create a crochet for the electronics.

Open the attached pattern with Crochet Pattern Player, it will help create this project.

If you would like to create/generate crochet patterns for other gadgets use this app:

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