Circular Saw Cross Miter Cutting Station

Introduction: Circular Saw Cross Miter Cutting Station

I apologize for my bad English, but I would really like to share my home-made.

During the construction of the frame house I had to do a lot of sawing at 90 degrees. It was necessary to do this quickly and efficiently.
Ready-made saws from the store for this purpose are not suitable because they are too heavy and have a high base which is very inconvenient when working with a heavy board 6 meters long.

Therefore, I made a simple fixture for precise cutting of wood at an angle of 90 degrees using a hand-held circular saw.

Step 1: The Foundation

As a base, I made a box with a side height of 50 mm. Box length 60cm

Step 2: Base for Saw

The saw is mounted on a base made of a piece of laminated flooring. A bar and a furniture hinge for lifting the saw are nailed to it.

Step 3: Guide Rail

For precise cutting, small bars were installed along the base cuts and the saw was cut to the maximum depth using a saw.

In this case, the main thing is to observe the cutting angle of 90 degrees, the quality of further work will depend on the accuracy of this cut.

Step 4: Check

Now you can check the accuracy of the drink

Step 5: Painting

Для красоты я зачистил все приспособление спомощью шлифовальной машины и покрасил специальной краской для древесины

Step 6: Finish

The fixture is ready. You can use.

The design turned out to be very light and comfortable and allows you to very quickly saw off boards up to 50mm thick and up to 200mm wide.

Now this is my favorite device at the construction site.

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    2 years ago

    I believe I would call that an elegant solution.
    I can see a couple of changes I would make if I didn't already have a miter saw, one I wouldn't use a hinge I would just slide the board in to cut it, and second I would remove the narrow strip completely so I could just line my cut line up with the edge of the top. It would be just like a track saw only for cross cutting!
    Oh! and I just realized a box isn't even needed, just a T shaped track that rests on the board. . .I'm going to have to give this some thought and I might be making an instructable inspired by yours in a couple of weeks ;)
    great work!

    Oleg Kurkul
    Oleg Kurkul

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thanks for the comments. I agree with you, but this design has some minor advantages.
    1. The box serves as a support for the board and therefore the disk never clamps when working right on the ground.
    2. You can saw off non-standard parts, such as round knobs from shovels or very thin bars.
    3. It is possible to work with short scraps of wood.

    But if you saw off only boards, then without a box it will be more convenient.