Introduction: Circular Swing

I'm a student at HOWEST and our projects was to make a swing.

This is a tutorial to make the swing.

Step 1: Requisites

the requisites needed are

- +/-35m of robe 15mm

-+/-15m of robe 1mm

- 2 carabiners of 100mm

- 2 carabiners of 140mm

- 2 tennis balls

- sand

- 2 screws or nails

Step 2: The Tennis Balls : 1

first cut the tennis balls open for 5 cm

Step 3: The Tennis Balls : 2

then fill the ball for 1/2 with sand

Step 4: The Tennis Balls : 3

after filling the ball cut 5m of 1mm robe and tie it to screw or nail ,let 10 cm of extra robe at one side

do this 2 times

Step 5: The Tennis Balls : 4

afterwards put the screw or nail in the ball and fill it up with sand

when the ball is almost full take some silicone and put it al over the sand

do this for both tennis balls

Step 6: The Tennis Balls : 5

close the ball and the thie the robe around the ball so it is tightly closed

do this for both tennis balls

now you have your trowing weights

Step 7: The Robes

The robes for the swing are easy to make cut 2 times 10m of robe

at one end of both robes you make a knot like the first picture and attach the 100mm carbiner

at the other end you make a strop and attach the carabiner of 140mm ,to this carabiner you also attach the robe of the trowing weights

Step 8: The Swing

take 14.5m of robe and make 8 circles of 180 cm outline

at the begining of the weaving you take a small piece of 1mm robe and thai both ends together

than you start weaving through your 8 circles and close together for 50cm than you thai the weaving robe to the outher robe of the 8 cirles and cut of the excess

take than 25 cm of open space on the cirkels and make than a new patch of 50 cm and your seat is finished

Step 9: Hanging in Tree

Step 10: Hanging in Tree

trow the tennis balls over a branch

pull them down and hook the 140mm carabiners around his own robe and pull them around the branch

hook the 100mm carabiners around the swing

with a easy knot adjust the hight

of the excess robe make a ball

the swing hangs !!!

Step 11: Taking It Down

undo the 100mm carabiner and hang the swing around yourself

undo the not for the hight

take down as in movie

roll everything up and attach to swing