Introduction: Circulatory System

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Another challenge from the Frankenstein200 Workshop!

The human circulatory system evolved over millions of years to be a way to transport vital elements throughout the body for a lifetime. Using simple materials, build a simple circulatory system, and consider how to make it better.

Complete this workshop activity to earn an achievement at Frankenstein.LIFE!

Step 1: Collect These Materials

  1. A large sheet of paper or cardboard
  2. A few feet of clear tubing
  3. Four balloons
  4. Six drinking straws
  5. Strong, water-resistant tape, like duct tape
  6. A plastic water bottle
  7. Some colored liquid (not shown)

Step 2: Draw Your Person

On a large sheet of paper or cardboard, draw a simple figure of a person.

Step 3: Build Your System

Place water bottle at chest. Attach straws from bottle cap through to hands and feet locations. Attach balloons at ends. Use tape to seal juncture points as best able to.

Step 4: Make the Colored Liquid

Fill water bottle with colored water or drink. Take care to deploy this activity in a location that can manage small mess that may happen when liquid leaks from the system.

Step 5: Learn How the System Works

When connected to whole system, squeeze water bottle in a regular pattern. See if you can get liquid to ends of extremities.


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