Introduction: Circumference of a Circle

In this Instructable, we will dive into the exciting world of Circles.
Specifically the Circumference of a Circle.

Pencil (needed for it's erase-ability)
Calculator (to check your answer)

Step 1: Circle

Some basics of the Circle:

Circumference - the distance around the circle (aka the perimeter of the circle)
Radius - the distance from the center to any point on the circle
Diameter - the distance from a point on the circle to another point on the circle going
through the center (also twice the length of the Radius)
Pi - the symbol that represents the value 3.14 (actually Pi is a never ending number, but for our purposes 3.14 will be fine)

Step 2: Circumference

Now to find the Circumference

Formulas for Circumference:
C = 2*Pi*r
C = Pi*d

r - radius
d - diameter

General Steps for solving:
1) write the formula you will use
2) write the information Given
3) substitute the given information into the formula
4) follow your Order of Operations (PEMDAS) to simplify and reduce
5) circle your answer
6) check your answer

Example 1:
Given: circle with a radius = 4 cm
1) C = 2*Pi*r (choose this formula because you are given a radius)
2) r = 4
3) C = 2*Pi*4
4) C = 8*Pi
4) C = 8*3.14
5) C = 25.12 cm (don't forget your units)

Example 2:
Given: circle with a diameter = 12 in.
1) C = Pi*d (choose this formula because you are given a diameter)
2) d = 12
3) C = Pi*12
4) C = 3.14*12
5) C = 37.68 in. (don't forget your units)

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