Introduction: "CircutSculpt"

About: I am a teenager that loves creating and building to hopefully end up in an Aerospace engineering job someday in the future!

Do you have old and broken circut boards that have no use?
Then sculpt with it.
this will show you how to make sculptures out of circut boards.

it is quiet simple and looks great!

old circut boards
hot glue
glue gun
wooden plank about 10in long by 4 1/2 wide

Step 1: Cuting

cut the wooden board to the listed size

10in long & 4 1/2 in wide

Step 2: Gluing

take the circut boards and hot glue them in a interesting order like below.

if needed make small slits in the circut board to make the gluing easier and it will be more sturdy

Step 3: Dne

you now have a cool looking sculpture

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