Introduction: Citroen DS Wooden Toy Car

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What do you need?

  • Scroll saw. An entry-level model is fine. Make sure you buy a scroll saw that has the saws easily available.
  • Wood. I use 12mm wood. This is easy to obtain at the local hardware store and also available in smaller sizes.
  • Eye and hearing protection.
  • Sandpaper. Available everywhere and inexpensive. Make sure you have a good stock, you will need it!
  • Printer paper. For printing the plans.
  • Masking tape. Wide strips.
  • Cordless drill. For drilling the holes for the axles.
  • Wood glue. White sticky paste. Bison is always good.
  • Linseed oil. By treating wood with linseed oil the wood is protected against weather influences and dehydration and rotting is prevented.
  • Paintbrush. For applying or distributing the glue and linseed oil.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue spray.

Step 1: Download the .pdf File and Print It.

Free download on my website:

Step 2: Cut the Parts Apart.

Step 3: Saw the Required Pieces of Wood (12mm) to Size.

Step 4: Lay the Wood With Masking Tape.

Step 5: Spray the Back of the Paper With Glue and Stick It on the Masking Tape.

Step 6: Use a Drill With a Thickness of 7mm for the Axle Holes at the Front of the Car.

Step 7: The Axle Holes at the Front May Be Fully Drilled Through.

Step 8: Use a 6mm Drill Bit for the Axle Holes at the Rear of the Car. These May Not Be Drilled Deeper Than 5mm!

Step 9: A Piece of Masking Tape at 5 Mm From the Drill Clearly Shows How Deep the Drill Goes.

Step 10: Also Drill a Hole on the Spot of the Window. Make Sure It Is Big Enough So That Your Saw Fits Through.

Step 11: When Sawing, Ensure Good Eye Protection. Use the Screen on the Scroll Saw or a Pair of Goggles. I Also Use Hearing Protection and a Mouth Cover.

Step 12: Pull the Paper and Tape Away From the Wood.

Step 13: Make Two Axles (6mm Thick) of 20mm and 60mm Long.

Step 14: Sand the Parts Smoothly. I Use 150 Grit Sandpaper. the Wheels Are Purchased and Are 33mm and 10mm Thick.

Step 15: A Small Amount of Glue Is Enough for the Small Rear Axle.

Step 16: Tap the Axle Into the Hole With a Small Hammer.

Step 17: Mark the Spot With a Pen or Pencil Where You Do Not Want to Have Glue.

Step 18: Let the Glue Dry Briefly and Clamp the Parts Together Well.

Always check that the parts do not slide through the glue. Remove the excess glue.

Step 19: Put the Wheel on the Axle and See If It Has Enough Space Before You Glue the Other Part!

Step 20: Firmly Clamping and Checking for Sliding.

Step 21: Fit Front Wheels (without Glue)

Step 22: Apply Boiled Linseed Oil or Other Oil With a Cloth or Brush. Rinse the Cloths Well After Use to Prevent Fire Hazard!

Step 23: Let the Car Dry for a Day and Then Mount the Front Wheels.