City Outline Wood Engraving

Introduction: City Outline Wood Engraving

This is a carving I just finished. The wood is from an old barn out in the farm country of South Georgia, and I decided to carve a City into it. I did this because of all the people I've met that were born in the rural south but have the city etched into there lives forever. The writing on the board was written by a third grader in a local elementary school, And I did this because I wanted it to have a touch of innocence to it. Also it comes from a young heart that was born in the south. I hope you see through this carving that, we all come from different walks of life but can find similarities if we just take the time to look. Hope you enjoy my art.

Step 1: Process

First I stained the wood with two coats and let it try for two days( it's important to wait because of you start to carve and it isn't fully dry the stain with rise to the top layer and ruin the part you have already carved) after it was dry, I picked out a city outline I liked and free handed it onto the bored. I like to use chalks because you can easily use a damp cloth to fix mistakes and it doesn't leave pressure marks. Once I had my drawing on, I use a dremel tool with a wood carving tip to cut where my design is. After this I use the sanding tip to clean the shape up and you are done.

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    7 years ago

    Nice work!