Introduction: City Planning With Mountains, City and Beach

So this is a detailed scenery landscape of a city in mountainous terrain. Now here is a guide of how to make a city!

Step 1: How to Make Snowy Mountains and Green Hills.

I started with a paraboloid and then combined different sized shapes to make a snow effect. I did the same process over again to make three similar mountains. Then I added different green coloured half-spheres for hills.

Step 2: Adding the Three Main Buildings.

For the three main detailed buildings, I mostly used the box, cylinder, and polygon shapes. The shapes are of different colours and sizes.

Step 3: Adding More Buildings

Gradually I added more buildings, by just using different coloured and sized 'box'. To make the city more of a city.

Step 4: Growing the Population

I added more buildings by using boxes and changing the size of the box. I kept copying and pasting the buildings. I added a highway in the middle of the two cities. Then I added green hills surrounding the city.

Step 5: Attracting the Tourists

Finally, I added a beach to complete the city. I added a thin long golden wedge to create a sandy beach.

I used the scribble tool to draw wavey lines to represent the foam. I added a stretched out box to represent crystal blue water.

It's done!

I hope you enjoyed it :)

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