Introduction: Cityscape Lampshade and Paint Can Light Art

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Here we are going to make a cool looking lampshade/tin light. It is a step towards getting rid of those boring lamps in your house and replacing them with a design of your favorite city, video game logo or whatever!


For tin:

  • Paint Can
  • Drillpress OR a Hammer and Nail

For lampshade:

  • Lampshade
  • Paint (if your shade is white)
  • Needle, pin, or nail
  • Thimble (necessary if you want to protect your fingers but if your fingers are made out of steel, you're all covered)

Step 1: Prepping the Lampshade/Paint Can

  • Print off the silhouette you are going to use
  • Trim it down to size
  • Tape it to the lampshade/paint can

Step 2: Drill/Poke the Holes


  • Use a large needle or nail to poke holes along the outline of the design
  • A thimble comes in handy here!

Paint Can

  • Use a Drill press or Drill to make holes along the outline of the design
  • It is best to use a self starting bit so that it doesn't wander.

Adjust the distance between adjacent holes to make a different style silhouette. We used smaller holes to make the cityscape and larger holes for the stars.

Step 3: Stick a Light in It

Use a plug light with an extension cord or a light socket. Stick the shade on your favorite lamp and enjoy :D

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