Introduction: Clamp Lamp Wifi Extender

Here is another idea for a wifi range extender. I put this together one night in my workshop. This is a parabolic type of extender and work pretty good. I have used it around town in different areas to test signal strengths. A great benefit to this little dish is the clamp that is already there and made for multiple mounting positions.

Step 1: Tools and Parts

Thankfully the clamp lamp I used and my USB WiFi card fit
perfectly together. The lamp itself was able to be unscrewed
by hand.

1-Clamp Style Work Light
1-USB Wifi Network Card
1-USB Extension Cable (Length can vary on your needs)

Spray paint to paint your new dish.

Step 2: Unscrew Fixture

Carefully unscrew the bulb fixture base from the light reflector. You may need to loosen and remove the clamp from the light to make this step a little easier.

Step 3: Insert WiFi Card

Connect the USB extension cable.
(Remember if you have to use a really long USB extension cable
you may need a signal booster or other item to keep the signal
in the wire strong.)

Insert WiFi Card-
This is fairly easy depending on your lamp and network card.
Simply slide the network card into the light fixture top piece
that is left in the reflector. Be sure to insert it correctly
with the USB connector aimed out the back.

*Depending on your lamp and card you may have to figure out a way to get them to fit together securely. I might be able to give you an idea or post an Instructable on how you did it.

Step 4: Paint

If you don't like the silver look on the dish you can paint it how you wish. I was going for a covert look and the High Temp paint has a really smooth matte finish.

Step 5: Complete

Your Clamp Lamp Wifi Extender is now complete. Install the software drivers for the network card and connect to your computer.

Using the clamp you can mount the dish to just about anything and aim it anywhere.

I hope that you have enjoyed this Instructable!