Clamper Accessory

Introduction: Clamper Accessory

This product is an accessory to make it more easy for certain people to bind clampers. This was made for cocreation for a person who has spasms in the upper part of the body, but it can also be a help for people who only have one arm or one hand, or even other disabilities. Watch the movie in the last step to see how it works.

Step 1: 2D & 3D Drawings, Ready for 3D-printing

Use the 2D drawings to draw your own parts, or use the 2 STL-files to have instant 3D-parts. Load the parts in the Cura-program to make the files 3D-print ready. Then load it in your 3D-printer (with SD-card) and let it print, I used PLA as material.

Step 2: 3D-printed Parts

When the 3D-printer has done its job, this is the result of the 2 parts you should receive.

Step 3: Finalizing the Cover

Cut a transparent material that fits perfectly in the center recess, with a thickness of 3mm. I used a piece of a transparent cover. Then, cut 2 pieces of flat metal that fit perfectly in the side recesses, with a thickness of 1mm. Paste the 3 parts with the cover at the mentioned places with superglue.

Step 4: Finalizing the Body and Final Assembly

Paste 2 magnets, with similar dimensions as the metal plates, at each corner of the body with superglue. Assemble the 2 partts by putting a 4mm-tube through the holes of the body and the cover. The product is now ready. The transparent part of the body is so you can still see the clamper when it is placed in the recess of the body. The transparent body fits perfectly on the clamper when the cover is closed, so the clamper can't get out of its place. Watch the movie in the last step to see how it works.

Step 5: Video

Watch this movie to see how the clamper accessory works.

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