Clamp(s) for EHeim Installationset Pressure Side

Introduction: Clamp(s) for EHeim Installationset Pressure Side

All users of clamps at aquarium equiped with suction cups do know the issue
You do fix somethink and after some month, weeks, days the cup is failing and maybe water is running somewhere it shouldn't go.
In my case i do use EHeim installation sets which will be available in different sizes and for sucction and pressure side.
Sucction side, so far not really that problem but pressure side is becomming the issue. Not only for me, also a lot of friends getting mad when the water is ruining the interieur of their fishtanks. The sprinkler pipe is loosened and gravel, plants and even sensitive fishes are harmed.In worse case the pipe is orientated in a way that water will be pumped OUT of the fishtank and things are getting really bad.
The above displayed clamps will fix the pipe on the top of the tank. Because different shapes and enviornment at the tank i did design serveral clamps which will be attached at the staight wall or at the reenforcement of the aquarium.

Step 1:

Clamp for reenforcement panes

Step 2:

Clamp for straight panes

Step 3:

Option for straight panes clamp

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    Reply 2 years ago

    If someone needs some modification ... just let me know the meassurments and i'm more than happy the STL (or files you do need ;) )