Introduction: Clap Triggered 'Binary Clock'

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The Code and original circuit is from Macobt's instructable-

A special thanks to him :)

the method described by me can be used in other clocks

nerd watch-

(schematic at the end)


(Sorry no schematic,just replace the "view time switch" with optocoupler and sunrom like switch)

Step 1: Making the Circuits-try 1

I had the board in 5 parts as in schematic, namely the transformer, leds, clap switch, push button board and microcontroler

for the sunrom's clap switch..iv'e inserted their pdf...

The above circuit was problematic,since too many optocopuplers drew too much of current


Hex file, linked on this page

Step 2: Try 2- (final Try)

I used the same clap switch

this time I made it simpler, using only 3 boards

This one works fine...I added some yellow led that gives a visitation,showing that the circuit has been triggered.

Though I have written "red leds" I've used multicolour automatic colour switching leds

now only thing remaining is a box :p

Step 3: Other Ideas

The nerd watch...

Step 4: Concluton.

With this method, you can turn any watch that requires a button press to show time into a wall clock.

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