Introduction: Clapper

Don't know if this is the proper name of it, found this "toy" in store recently, not knowing what to do or play with, it is a spring action clapper hand, not likely work in concert, or else I still can use it to clap flies if it can be motorized, so I paid it for one and a half dollar, not expensive at least.

Step 1: How It Works ?

It is a gun shape clapper hand, I removed the spring to see the action, yeah simple enough.

Step 2: Motorized It ? Need Some Parts

I don't need the gun body, only retain the clapper hands and scissor linkages, I bought a motor gearbox, made a crane shaft, some plywood to rebuild the gun body and an old battery box, oh I forgot the switch too.

Step 3: Final Structure

I installed the crane shaft onto the gearbox to push the scissor linkage, the it can produce "pa, pa, pa" sound, now I can go to chase some flies. If you don't like it, give me a laugh.