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Introduction: Clapperboard Bag Made With Bike Tubes

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Hi guys I'm Alex and today I want to show you how to build a bag made with recycled bike tubes.

I had a bunch of them and wanted to make a nice gift for a friend.

I decided to paint it as a clapperboard because my friend is studying cinema production.

I hope that you like it and you want to see the full video of the construction... and maybe to build it.

So let's do it!


- old bike tubes

- zipper and slider

- binding tape

- enamel paint

Step 1: Cut the Tubes and Sew Them

To make the clapperboard bag I used two five tubes and in the beginning, you only need a scissor.

The pieces that I'm cutting are around 12" long.

It doesn't matter if the pieces are not really flat, I just sewed them and then I cut them after that I finished the sewing process.

My advice after that you cut them is to clean them because they are really dirty inside.

I didn't post the exact measurements because it is something easily customizable.

Step 2: Sew the Zipper and Clean the Sides

Once that you have two big pieces you sew the zipper on both sides.

Since it is rubber and it doesn't fray we don't need to bind it.

Now you can cut the exact size of the bag at the measurements that you want.

Don't forget to burn the sides of the zipper otherwise it will fray and we don't want it.

Step 3: Put the Zipper Pull!

Once that you did it you can sew the two pieces together.

Before to go to the next step remember to put the zipper pull on the zipper, otherwise is a real mess.

REALLY, you should not forget about this step.

Be sure that the zipper pull is on the right side of the bag.

You can decide if to open it by the left or by the right side.

Step 4: Sewing the Sides Together

As you can see the bag now is reversed and we are sewing the sides together.

We put some binding so it looks better.

It's now time to reverse the bag.

Now we have to paint it!

Step 5: Painting... So Satisfying

To mask bag you can use any tape I used the aluminum one because the grip is very strong and the paper one wasn't working.

I used enamel paint but I think that you can use also other kinds of paints.

Now there is the satisfying part, when you have to remove the tape and see your job done (so satisfying!)

If you messed up something, as I did during the process of painting, you can always use some solvent to fix the problem.

After you painted all the bag you have to wait for a lot of days.

Mine after four days wasn't ready yet!

Thank you for watching this tutorial and please tell me if something wasn't clear.

See you soon.

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    3 years ago

    Cool.... Nice creative idea !!

    Alex do it
    Alex do it

    Reply 3 years ago

    thank you!


    3 years ago

    I like it! : )

    It's nice to see innertubes turned into a durable pouch/bag - I imagine that will hold up for a long, long time!

    Alex do it
    Alex do it

    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you :)

    Yeah, I hope the same!

    What I like about DIY stuff is that they are very strong and also if you broke them you can always fix them.