Introduction: Clapper'card'board

Clapperboard is a device to assist in the synchronization of images and sound and also to select and mark aparticular scene during the production process. The "clap" sound of the clapperboard makes the image easily identifiable on the audio path.

By making it from recycled materials, we will save the cost of film production is not it?

Step 1: Required Things

  1. Unused cardboard

  2. White paper (I got it from a drawing book)

  3. Empty pen

  4. Empty small marker

  5. two maggnets

  6. Double tape

  7. Big clear sealing tape

  8. White board marker (non permanent)

  9. Small black marker

  10. Scissor

  11. Ruler

  12. Knife ( I use pocket knife cause I don't have x-acto)

Step 2: Measuring, Sketching, and Cutting

Start by making rectangular and triangular pieces from cardboard.

Cut round some ends.

Cut the paper larger than the size of the piece of cardboard.

Make a hole at some points for the hinge.

Cut an empety pen and marker using a saw according to their length. I use a saw from my pocket knife. It is for the hinge too.

Step 3: Assembling

Use double-sided tape to unify each pieces of cardboard.

Insert the piece of marker into the hole in the top cardboard. Unite the top by inserting the piece of pen into the piece of marker.

Step 4: White Covering

Cover all parts of the cardboard with papers.

Step 5: Coloring and Writing

Give black detail at the top of the board and make clapper board template on the front

Step 6: Transparent Covering

Cover all surfaces using clear tape.

Step 7: Ready to Use

Now you can use it like a real clapperboard and also the back side as a litle whiteboard.

I hope you liked my instructable and will find it worthy of your vote.


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