Introduction: Clapping Switch

this is a project which helps you to switch on and off while being away from switch

it is an awesome DIY project cost only 200 inr

Step 1: Step 1 Gathering Tool

go to the nearest shop and ask for

1) plug

2) mike

3) battery

4)and the whole circuit needed for clap switch they will automaticly give u circuit as shown

5) led light of 20 volt


7) scissor and decorative materials if u want to keep circuit in box

Step 2: What Precautions You Have to Keep While Placing Circuit in a Box

take a shoe box

decorate it as well as you can

make a hole forthe mike to lisen voice

cover the box properly and make a hole to place your holder to keep the light up

place the holder than use hot glue gun from inside to strenghten it

hope you would make it

also see my youtube channel where there is a video for this project

channel name MASTER BAJPAIgr8

link is