Introduction: Clash of Clans-Th9 Farming Base

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Recently I got back into Clash of Clans (I had been taking a break) and as I had severely rushed my base I was at a loss to get and keep resources. My troops were fairly low lvl, my buildings were not very upgraded and my walls were mostly lvl 6. Thus I could not keep much or gain much resources so I had to make some changes. First was to drop down to bronze (I was a crystal 3 at the time) in bronze no one would attack me and I could hoard the loot from my mines and collecters. I also had to change my army tactics, using lower costing troops and I also had to change my base. I wanted to keep my loot in the mines and collecters so I had to change my base design. In this instuctable I will show you a great farming design that works for my and I hope works for you.

Step 1: The Design

Again I wanted a easy build with room for all my collecters and mines. Im going to show my screenshots as I build it.

Step 2:

Here is the finished product, like the instructable and follow me. Also I just started a clan and we badly need members so join us at >>TheWarPath<<.

Leave a comment- did I do good, bad, is there anything I could do better.