Clash of Clans - Wall Breaker - Mask

Introduction: Clash of Clans - Wall Breaker - Mask


Fab Foam Sheets (Quantity, colour and size)
1 - Orange 300mm x 450mm
2 - White 225mm x 300mm
1 - Grey 225mm x 300mm
1 - Black 225mm x 300mm

Double Sided Tape
12mm x 33mtrs

Dart or equivalent (for poking a hole through two pieces of polystyrene).

2 Polystyrene blocks
25mm wide x 25mm depth x 60mm high



Marker Pen or Pencil


Step 1: Clash of Clans - Wall Breaker - Mask

Draw the hat shape onto the Orange Fab Foam sheet and cut out.

With 1 piece of White Fab Foam sheet draw the shape of the skull cut out (Please note: Before sticking the white foam skull shape you may want to staple the elastic so that the staples do not show up through the front of the mask - please see step 2) and stick to the back of the orange hat shape using the double sided sticky tape.

Measure the distance from the centre of one of your eyes to the other (look into the mirror to do this). Mark on the rear of the mask the eye holes and cut out circles.

With the Black Fab Foam sheet, mark out eye shapes, nose and jaw pieces, cut and stick. (Don't forget to cut out eye holes).

With the Grey Fab Foam mark out the shadows around both eyes, cut and stick.

With the White Fab Foam sheet mark, cut and stick the teeth.

Step 2: Clash of Clans - Wall Breaker - Mask

Take your two polystyrene pieces and pop a hole through the centers.

Grab a length of elastic, your mask and hold it up to your face to give you a measurement to cut the elastic.

Once the elastic is cut take the polystyrene blocks and thread the elastic through leaving about 1 to 2 inch of length tie a knot at either end of the elastic then position each knot at either side of the faced down mask and staple and pull the elastic so that the knot is stopped by the staple.

Take some double sided sticky tape and stick the polystyrene blocks into position over the staples.

That's the Mask completed.

See the link below for the Bomb prop.

Thank you.

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