Classic Children's Storybook #9

Introduction: Classic Children's Storybook #9

About: Grandma Van uses the Instructables website to share little print-and-mail books. Once in a while, she has other fun things to share.

Lion's Problem is a sixteen-page story with old-fashioned colored pencil illustrations.

Because the illustrations are lighter than those found in earlier Print-and-Mail Storybooks, this week's storybook should be printed on heavier paper.

I've also included a fancier binding method.

Have fun!

NOTE: Fixed a typo on page 8 on 180309. If you printed earlier than that... I apologize!

Step 1: Print

Print the PDF, using lightweight card stock.

Step 2: Cut.

Cut each page in half, vertically.

Step 3: Fold and Stack the Pages in Order.

Step 4: Sew.

Step 5: OPTIONAL BINDING STEP: Assemble Cover Pieces.

For a hard-bound book, cut two pieces of heavy cardboard, each 5 and 5/8 inches by 4 and 1/2 inches. Cut a spine that is 1/4 inch by 4 and 1/2 inches.

Spread a very thin coat of glue on each piece.

Step 6: Glue Cardboard to Fabric.

Glue each piece of cardboard to the fabric, leaving about an eighth of an inch between the pieces of cardboard and allowing for about an inch all around.

Clip the corners of the fabric as shown.

Place glue in each corner and fold the fabric inward.

Step 7: Fold in the Rest of the Fabric.

Place a thin one inch strip of glue along the edges.

Fold in the fabric.

Step 8: Cut the Endpapers.

Cut two pieces of heavyweight paper for the endpapers. Each should be 11 and 1/8 inches by 4 and 1/2 inches.

Step 9: Glue.

Put a thin, even layer of glue on one side. Leave one eighth of an inch unglued on each edge, but not the center.

Step 10: Place the First Endpaper.

Step 11: Place Second Endpaper. Add Glue for Folio.

Repeat the previous step and add the second endpaper.

Place three lines of glue, on along the spine, and one along the inside edge of each endpaper.

Step 12: Place Paper "folio" of Pages on the Spine.

Step 13: Close and Check Alignment.

Step 14: Clip.

Clip and allow to dry for at least eight hours.

Step 15: The Finished Book

Your first book may be a little wobbly.

It takes practice to get exactly the right amount of glue.

It takes practice to get things lined up precisely.

(In my eagerness to get everything photographed, I over-glued a bit and things were not as precise as they should have been. My next little book will be better!)

Step 16: You Can Also Keep Things Simple and Just Add a Soft Cover!

For a soft cover, just cut a piece of cover weight paper 11 and 1/8 inches by 4 and 1/4 inches. Fold. Glue the folio right into the cover. For this kind of soft cover, I use hot glue so that I can mail the book immediately!

This method is shown in greater detail in Instructable for storybook #3.

Step 17: HEY! I Just Added a Video!

I have decided to put some of my little stories on YouTube. I hope you like this new version of Lion's Problem.

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