Introduction: Classic VW Hub Cap Dent Removal

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Learn how to take out the dents in old hub caps. Dented hub caps give the vehicle a, unmaintneced look, and it gives the driver a, care less look, I promote the repair of hubcaps, especially when it only takes about five minutes and a cheap hammer.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:


Piece of wood

Hub cap (duh?)



Steel Wool


Certificate of Proof Indicating That You Are Bob's Nephew.

Step 2: Hammer Away

when hammering, remember, hubcaps are like life, too fast and you'll be farther down the creek, take it slow and just give it a couple whacks, make sure that the wood is under your piece though as you need some sort of dolly. Dont be afraid to move the board or use the ball side of the hammer to get to certain dents.

Step 3: The Most Important One

Once you have hammered away most of the dent, get some steel wool and vinegar, sop up some apple vinegar and then go to town on the hubcap, get as much oxidation off the chrome as possible as this will allow you to see your cap as the uneven surface oxidizes differently than the others. Once dry take a look and see what else needs work.

Step 4: Relax

Now that you have a dent free and polished hub cap, sit back, relax and look at your reflection in the hub cap, life is good.