Introduction: Classroom Dance Break

Does your class need a brain break and pulling up GoNoodle is time consuming? Do you want to greet your students at the door, but due to COVID-19 handshaking, hugging, and high-fives are out of the questions? Then here's your solution! Students choose the song and for 15-20 seconds you have a class dance party or a dance greeting every morning!



Alligator Clips

Chromebook (Scratch Website)



Tin Foil

Large Rubber Band (Can use Styrofoam instead)

Step 1: Plug in Makey Makey

Plug in the makey makey to the USB port on your Chromebook and navigate to the following Scratch link:

Step 2: Connect Alligator Clips to Makey Makey

Connect one clip to each of the four directions and one to the Earth.

Step 3: Cut Squares

Cut two squares of the same size (Large square if you plan on using a stomp pad, smaller square if you will use as a desktop button) out of cardboard. To one attach 2 inch strips of tin foil with tape as pictured above.

Step 4: Creating the Ground

On the other place a square of tin about 1/2 the size of the square on the center of the square. Run small strips of tinfoil to the four sides, ensuring they touch the center square and have enough room to fold over the top at least 2 inches. Run one additional strip to the diagonal on one side and allow it to fold over to the other side approximately 2 inches.

Step 5: Add Circuit Completion and Spacer

On the reverse side of square 2, add a strip of tin foil as close as possible to the ground line you placed in the previous steps (do not let them touch). After this is done, place the rubber band (or Styrofoam) in the center and tape it down to create a space between the two squares.

Step 6: Attach Alligator Clips

Attach one clip to each of the four tin foil lines not attached to the ground on the back. Attach the earth clip to your diagonal tin foil line.

Step 7: Attach Second Square and Label

Attach the second square to the top ensuring that each 2 inch line lines up over the two (ground and circuit line). Label the top with the corresponding song with a visual or the name.

Step 8: Have Fun!

Press each of the sides down to ensure they play correctly! Have fun and Dance On!