Introduction: Classroom Desk Organizer Using Waste Material

  • We usually use desk organizers to organize our work place.So today I'm going to show you how to make a desk organizer using waste material.You can simply make this organizer from household waste.So it's environment friendly.Carefully follow these steps so yo can be successful.See every picture I've uploaded because I will describe each step according to pictures.



  1. Ice cream sticks
  2. empty plastic bottles
  3. wooden board


  1. glue gun and sticks
  2. super glue
  3. paint

Step 1: Making the Bottom of the Organizer

  • Ice cream sticks have 2 curved sides. So first you need to cut 1 side of the stick as shown in the first picture.
  • You have to cut 6 sticks.
  • Then paste those sticks together to make a surface [picture 2].
  • Paste another stick under the surface to make it strong as shown in picture 2 and 3.
  • Then make five more parts as above.
  • Paste those parts together making small spaces between them[picture 4].for this you can take some ice cream sticks and paste them under as shown in picture 5.
  • Now the bottom surface is finished.

Step 2: Making the File Holder

  • First get two sticks and cut one curved side as step 1.
  • Then paste them vertically to the bottom part to the spaces we saved earlier in step 1.
  • Then take another stick and paste it horizontally to the two sticks.
  • Paste another stick angle to the above part as shown in picture 1
  • Take another stick and cut it to small pieces as shown in picture 2
  • Then paste them to the bottom of the above part to make it strong. [picture 3].
  • Now make 5 more of these parts and paste them to the bottom surface.
  • Now take some other sticks and paste them to the file holder horizontally[picture 5]
  • Finally take the wooden board and paste it under the file holder.[picture 6]

Step 3: Making the Pen Holder

  • Get 3 sticks and cut one curved side as step 1 [picture 1].
  • Then paste them together to make a triangular shaped tube.
  • Get the 2 bottles and cut them in half [picture 3].
  • Now paste two sticks horizontally to the triangular tube as picture 4.
  • paste the half cut bottle to this part.
  • Then do the same to the other half cut bottle.[picture 6].

Step 4: Making the Last Part

  • Get 6 ice cream sticks and cut them according to the picture 1.
  • Now paste them together to make a cup as picture 2.
  • Make two cups as above.
  • Then get another 5 sticks and paste them as in the picture 3.This will be the base of the pen holder.
  • Now paste the two cups as shown in picture 4.
  • Then paste the pen holder[picture 5]
  • Get some sticks and paste them under this part to strengthen it.[picture 6].
  • Finally paste this part the the file holder.
  • Now the organizer is finished.

Step 5: Finishing Touch

  • All you have to now is paint this organizer.You can color this as you like .Anyway I recommend fabric paint because it colors great.I used scarlet orange and black and the organizer looks great with the combination of these colors.
  • This organizer has five categorized file holders.Now take a long piece of colored paper and write the names of the five working days in the week and paste it to the file holder to categorize each.
  • The purpose of the above step is that you can categorize and organize your work to each day according to a time table.
  • Hope you enjoy.Thank for viewing. Don't forget to add a comment.
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