Classroom Noise Locator

Introduction: Classroom Noise Locator

Classroom Noisy Table Locator

Summary: School classrooms are increasing the size due to budget. Teachers have difficulty in controlling the class.By using this noisy table locator teachers can easily identify noise location. This would point out one or more students who is creating distraction to class. This was built using Edison board.

Solution: Simple and inexpensive Noisy table locator can identify noisy table locator using 4 sound sensors. Four sensors are installed at each corner in the class and are connected to Edison board. Edison board running node js based would take reading from sound sensors, depending on the intensity of sound from 4 corners, processor would identify the location which would be shown to Teacher.

Business Plan & expansion: This concept can also be extended to any other place where we need to keep noise in control. e.g: In conferences like this, where everyone is expected to be silent, instead of showing location to teacher, we could control video camera and focus the noisy location, by looking at that people would stop making noisy.

In the class room model, the historical data can be collected using Intel loT analytic and create models such that extra staff can be allocated to noisy classrooms etc. We could also connect this data with class results and project future scope of the class.

In conferences & keynotes, this collected data can be used to analysis how audience is receiving the presentation etc.

Multy Billion Market space: This simple product would be a default for each modern classroom and conference room. Which would be 100+ millions across the world. Considering each product cost is $250 and with 25% market. This would easily be multi billions of revenue.

Step 1: Connect 4 Grove Sound Sensors to 4 Analog Ports

Step 2: Using Supplied IDE Program to Read Sensor Values

Step 3: Simple Algaritham Indicate Which Table Is Making Noise

Using sound reading from 4 corners of the room & simple calculation, we can identify table creating noise.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I don't think it will work. The resolution will be not good enough to realy find the loudest spot. Also speaking people will send out directional sound, that will disturb all the measurements. Additional you will get plenty of reflections on the walls.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool idea if used ethically, with adult groups.

    The potential for abuse is extremely high. For kids in school this sounds very Orwellian. Are there plans for an automated punishment device? If so, are there countermeasures we citizens can take?

    I apologize in advance to the author for bringing this up, I'm not against you or the technology per se. There are some really wonderful applications for it. This concept could be used to locate hotspots on the battle field, machinery that needs maintenance, and could even monitor crop damage in orchards when crows descend en masse to strip the trees.