Introduction: Classroom Seat Sensor

I developed the classroom seat sensor because I am a teacher. I have kids falling asleep on me during lectures not because they are not interested or food coma, but because they are not getting enough oxygen. I was inspired by the apple watch and its commands to conform the commands into a pressure sensor that you would sit on. The commands include "Teacher Stand Up", "Take a Deep Breath and Exhale x3 times", and "Students stand up". Sometimes we as a society forget to do just simple things like take deep breaths and stand up.

I created this in hopes to create better blood flow and oxygen flow around our bodies to help my students as well all students and other teachers. By having better blood and oxygen flow, students will be able to focus more during class lectures.


  • Cardboard (Amazon Box)
  • Foil
  • MakeyMakey Kit
  • Bubble Wrap Envelope (Amazon package)
  • Glue
  • Scratch website

Step 1: Cut the Cardboard

Cut rectangle out of cardboard, or could be a circle, depending upon seating option.

Step 2: Foil Strips

Cut strips of foil. You will need strips per command, I did 3 commands so I used a total of 7 strips. Once cut then glue to cardboard. Refer to 2nd picture above.

Step 3: Scratch Website

Go to Scratch website... Create account if you do not already have one. See images for commands I use, feel free to modify to fit your seat sensor. I recorded my voice for some of the commands.

Step 4: Alligator Clips

Connect alligator clips to cardboard and foil strip, one alligator clip per foil strip. Make sure you connect your Earth clip at the top. Refer to picture.

Step 5: Cushion

Cut a bubble wrap envelope into a small rectangle. I used this as my cushion. Place over sensor alligator clips and press. Your MakeyMakey Kit should light up.

Step 6: Test

Test. You may have to make minor adjustments with alligator clips, but should work just like you want it too.

Check out my video/results by clicking this link