Introduction: Clay Brainy the Smurf.

 I have decided to do an instructable on Brainy The Smurf. This instructable is fairly easy to make and very creative !. And a very popular idea because everyone likes smurfs.

Step 1: Things You'll Need


* Clay (blue,white,black&brown)
*tooth pick
*markers (Yellow,red,orange & brown.)
*Clay modeling tools.

Step 2: Making the Head(nose,eyes,ears,&mouth)

Step 1(head) - Take some of your blue clay and roll it into a medium size ball .
, the size of your ball is your  preference ,this will be the base of the smurfs head .

Step 2(nose) - Grab some more blue clay , But this time roll a small ball , roughly the size of  jelly bean .Place it on the centre of the head , This will be the nose for the smurf.

Step 3(eyes)-take some white clay roll it into two balls around the size of a dime and place one on each side of the nose .These will be the sclera of the smurfs eyes. You then take some blue clay and place it in the center of the white making the iris of the smurfs eye ,Lastly the pupil of the smurfs eyes is made out of black clay .

Step 4(ears) Take two little pieces of blue clay and shape them like a half of a circle.Take a sculpting tool to make indents and creases  in the ear. which allows the smurfs ear to have a more realistic effect.

Step 5(mouth)take the sculpting tool  and take out some blue clay,making a indent in the face . you then take some black clay  and place it on the inside of the indent making the smurfs mouth .

Step 3: Making the Hat & the Pencil

 Step 1 , start out with some clay with a circular bottom add more layers of clay shaping it like a hat  ,smooth out the edges , & fold down the top to add a curve .making the hat look more like  a smurfs

Step 2.  , take your  tooth pick and cut of one end to give the toothpick a flat end this will be the erasers side,

You then take the orange marker and colour all of the toothpick except for the sharp end  this will be the tip of the pencil.

After you completed that you then take your brown marker and draw on the very tip of the toothpick making it look like the lead of the pencil.& add a ring of brown on the flat end seperating the pencil from the eraser section.

Step 4: Making the Glasses & Book.

Step1(glasses)-  take some brown clay and make two circles about a size of a dime .

secondly  you take some more brown clay and roll two longer pieces of clay making the arms of the glasses round one of the ends down so it is able to sit on your smurfs ears. attach each one to each circle .

Thirdly take a little piece of clay and stick it in between the two circles making the bridge of the glasses to put it all together.

Step2(book.)- start off  by taking some brown& white  clay and make two rectangles one of them brown & the other white. make the white one slightly smaller than the brown.

Secondly place the white rectangle on top of the brown and fold it in half making it look like the brown clay is the cover and the white clay are the pages.

Thirdly take some more brown and white clay , mix these together to  make a lighter brown this will be the strap of brainy's book. place this out side the brown rectangle in the center (see pictures)

Lastly you take some black clay and make the buckle for the strap use a scalping tool to cut little thing pieces of black clay and place them together like seen in the picture.

Step 5: Making the Upper Body (torso,arms & Hands)

Step 1 -Torso- take some blue clay and shape it as a rectangle place one of your sticks through the torso to give it support and attach it to the head.

step2-(arms)- take some more blue clay and roll it into to long piece  around the length of a toothpick . Place a tooth pick in each one this will help with support and to attaching it to the torso.

step3-(hands)- take more of your  blue clay roll two little balls and flatten them out. take a sculpting tool and slit  at a end of the circle three times and separate them ,this is to make you smurfs fingers.

Step 6: Making the Lower Body

Step1-(lower body) start off by taking some white clay and roll it like a taco take one end and  bend it outwards this will be the top of the pants.

step 2-(legs) take some more and roll it till it looks like a good size for a leg , so this twice . place tooth picks through the middle to give it support and  to attach the legs to the feet and the lower body.

step 3 (feet)- start off by taking some white clay and making it into a oval like shape . make it like a half of an inch thick, add some more clay to the top end of the show to give it a round and more realistic look.

Step4(butt&tail.)- take some white clay and shape its as a semi circle and attach it the the back of the pants shape it and smooth it out. making the but of the smurf

for the tail take a little bit of blue clay roll it  into a ball and stick it on .

Put it all together and there you go .