Clay Cat Rings




Introduction: Clay Cat Rings

These rings are very easy to make. They are cute and fancy at the same time.  Supplies: Oven bake clay, paint or nail polish, permanent markers, optional: rhinestones.

Step 1: Head

Start with a small ball of clay. Pinch the top to start forming the cat's ears. Use something small like the end of a paintbrush to shape the ears.

Step 2: Body

Shape the cat's face. Push the rest of the clay down. Shape the extra clay into the cat's body. Smooth out the back of the cat's head.

Step 3: Paws

Make two curved arms. Attach the arms on the cat's side, close to its head.

Step 4: Tail and Feet

Attach a long piece of clay to the bottom of the cat's body. The feet are the same as the arms. Attach the feet on the side of the cat's body.

Step 5: Tail

Wrap the cat around something like a marker. Wrap the tail up so it touches one arm. Trim the tail and curl the end. Optional: add rhinestones on the tail and face.

Step 6: Decorate

Bake the ring following the instructions on the package. Make sure the center is round and the tail, feet, and arms aren't too low or high. Leave the ring plain or use paint or nail polish. Use paint or permanent markers to draw its eyes, nose, and color the inside of the ears pink.

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8 years ago

I just love them all especially the gold one! I would love to buy that from you, I'm serious. Think about it. Nancy


9 years ago on Introduction

OH How Cute Can you BE?? I will be running out to get some FIMO as soon as the stores open!!