Introduction: Clay & Copper Fridge Magnets

Super simple but delicately charming clay and copper fridge magnets. Once dried this stuff has a really beautiful texture that contrasts with the copper in a really lovely way...

Step 1:

You'll need some air dry clay. I used DAS modelling clay in white. Some disc magnets. I used these neodymium magnets measuring 10mm x 1mm as they were nice and flat. A cookie cutter. Copper spray paint. (Not pictured but I used Kobra in Copper). Superglue. Fine grade sandpaper.

Step 2:

Knead the clay until pliable then roll out flat. About the thickness of a biscuit. Sorry I didn't measure the clay at this stage but the dried clay is about 4-5mm thick...

Step 3:

Use a palette knife to lift the shapes onto a ceramic plate. Push the magnets carefully into the back of your shapes. Push them in a little more than you might think and more than you can see here! The clay shrinks as it dries and will force the magnets out as it does. We're not aiming to secure the magnets in this step...but to make an indentation deep enough so that when dry, the magnet will sit flush with the surface of the clay...if that makes sense! Allow to go slightly hard then transfer to a cooling rack to fully harden. (about 24 hours).

Step 4:

When dry, gently smooth rough edges with a fine grade sandpaper. (120 grit or finer) and secure the magnets in their little indentations with a dab of superglue. This picture illustrates what I meant about the magnets. The one on the left worked perfectly because I pushed the magnet in far enough to make a deep enough indentation. The one on the right, I didn't; and the magnet "popped out" as the clay dried and shrank. You can also see all the little fibres in the clay before it's been sanded, and the result after a little bit of very gentle sanding.

Step 5:

To get the paint effect I simply decanted (sprayed) a small amount of the copper spray paint into a small plastic pot/lid so there was a puddle of paint in the bottom and (outside in the garden!) flicked the paint onto the shapes from about 4 foot above so as to get a nice splatter pattern....

Step 6:

Then just pop on the fridge and you're done!

This is obviously a self indulgent grown up version. But this would be a great project to get the kids involved with. You could make a whole bunch and have fun splatting them with paint outside. Of course you don't have to use air dry clay. There are DIY versions out there using cornstarch...or good old salt dough would work as well as polymer clay or fimo. Cheap, easy, quick, fun. What's not to love!

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