Introduction: Clay Critters - Mouse

What you need:

  1. 1 x 1 1/2-inch ball of clay (BOC)
  2. 7 x 1/4-inch BOC
  3. The ability to count better than I can, judging by the photo above
  4. 3 x Super-tiny BOC
  5. Toothpick (optional)

Step 1:

Place two fingers on top of largest ball of clay, over to one side. Roll one side of ball on a flat surface to create a pointy nose for your mouse (the other end of the ball should still be round).

Step 2:

Press one side of this funny round-ended cone shape onto a flat surface. This will be the bottom of your mouse.

Step 3:

Use your finger to flatten two of the 1/4-inch BOCs into circles.

Step 4:

Press the circles on the top of the mouse, 1/2 inch from the pointy end, to create the ears.

Step 5:

Roll four of the 1/4-inch BOCs on a flat surface until they're roughly 1/3-inch in length; use finger to slightly flatten 1/3-inch rolls into ovals.

Step 6:

Press four ovals onto bottom of mouse lengthwise, to create the feet.

Step 7:

Roll the last 1/4-inch BOC into a long, thin, 2-inch strip. Attach one end of the strip to the back of the mouse, for the tail; press the rest of the tail along the side or top of the mouse.

Step 8: Now With BONUS "Get Fancy" Tip!

Press two of the super-tiny BOCs onto the front of the mouse for eyes; press the last one onto the pointy end of the mouse for the nose.

Get Fancy: Use toothpick to etch "whiskers" on either side of your mouse's nose, or to create a furry texture on its body.