Introduction: Clay Finger Puppet Wigs

Hello, I decided to make some clay finger puppet hair, which anyone can make for their next finger puppet show. I will show you how to make them in some easy steps. Enjoy!!

Step 1: Start With Two Pieces of Clay Rolled Into Balls.

Find two pieces of clay, any color or mix the colors for a different look.

Step 2: Form the Clay.

Take the smaller of the two balls of clay and form it over the finger of choice.

Step 3: Form the Hair.

Take a piece of clay form the other ball and roll out a length of clay to form the hair details. This gives the finished product texture and depth.

Step 4: Continue Rolling Out Strands.

Continue rolling out strands as before until the desired look is achieved.

Step 5: Making the Mohawk Clay Wig.

Step 6: Form Two Balls of Clay As Before.

As before form two balls of clay, any color I chose to use both brown and lime green.

Step 7: Form the Mohawk Strands.

Roll the clay strands as before and use them to for the Mohawk by placing them standing on end in a row.

Step 8: Place Strands of Clay.

Continue placing strands of clay along the sides until the look you want is achieved.

Step 9: All Done!

Have fun with your new finger puppet wigs!

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