Introduction: Clay Girl

A girl made out of clay. I also made a boy, and I might make that into an instructable, too, but I might not.

Step 1: Materials

Dress color
Dress accent color
Skin color
Hair color
Eye pin (optional)
Toothpick (optional, to help with cutting up clay)

Step 2: Beginning

With dress color, make the cone shape shown. Roll out the accent color and make sash.

Step 3: Head and Arms

Make an oval shape. Roll out the rest of that color clay. Cut two strips and attach to body. I forgot to do it on this one, but I usually take the accent color, roll two balls, and attach them as sleeves.

Step 4: Hair

Roll out hair color. Cut the roll up and attach to head. You can add a headband with the accent color if you want. Attach eye pin.

Step 5: Done!

You're done!

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