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This is my first instructable (Yay!!!!) I'm a big Harry Potter nerd so when doing my first instructables, why not Harry Potter? I also love clay sooooo, why not make a clay Harry Potter?!?! This is what I did.

Step 1: Supplies

To make a clay Harry Potter, you will need black (lot's of it) , gray, beige, red, green, yellow, brown, and white oven-bake polymer clay. You also need something to roll out the clay with (I have a tiny rolling pin. Isn't it cute?) and something to cut clay with. I used a pair of scissors, but you can use and an X-Acto knife or a pocket knife.

Step 2: the Eyes

For the eyes, take a small amount of green clay and roll it into a small sphere and flatten it to a circle. Then, take a small amount of black clay smaller then the green and do the same. Place it on top of the green in the bottom left corner. Next, take an even smaller amount of white clay and roll it into a small sphere, flatten it to a circle and put it at the top of the black circle. Take a sphere of the beige clay the size you want the head to be and use your finger to make two crevices for the eye sockets, and put the two eyes in them.

To do the rest of the face, I took a toothpick and kind of etched the smile. For the nose, you can either take the toothpick and push clay up to from a nose or take more beige clay and make a nose then stick it onto the face.Now you've got the head mostly done.

Step 3: the Hair

Before adding the hair, you have to do the glasses and scar. For the glasses, just take some black clay and roll it out into a long strand of clay, and cut the clay into three pieces. Take one piece and wrap it around one of the eyes like the frame for glasses. Do the same to the other side. Take the remaining black strand and cut it into three pieces. One piece should be small enough to go in the middle of the eye frames. Make the other two strands the same length to make the side extensions and put them on either side of the head.

For the scar, I took a toothpick and covered the end in barely any red clay then etched a lightning bolt where the scar would be. Now onto the hair: The hair is made by taking a very long strand of clay cut into random lengths (not too long). Drape them all over the head from back to front like hair getting smaller the closer you get to where the forehead is. Leave a part where the scar is, and don't forget to cover the back.

Step 4: the Scarf

Take some red and yellow clay for this step. Each piece should be about the same amount. Roll each piece out pretty thin but not too thin or it will break when baking. Cut them into two identical rectangles, each about the width and half the length that you want your scarf to be. Then, cut them up into equal sized squares and put them together in a pattern of red and yellow with red a both ends. Take some yellow and roll it out, then cut eight small pieces and put four at each end as kind of a fringe. For mine, I ended up cutting the scarf in half because it was too wide, but you can do it your way.

Step 5: the Tie & Shirt

To make the shirt, take some black clay and roll it into a small cylinder about the size you want the torso to be (mine was about 2 inches) then wrap it in a layer of gray clay and fold the top down like a collar. Cut a spot for where the tie goes then fold the bottom and smooth it out. With a toothpick, draw a line down the shirt. To make the tie, take a bit of red clay and roll it out to a nice thickness. Take the scissors or X-Acto knife and cut out the shape of the bottom of the tie and the top of the tie as in the picture. Take some yellow clay and roll it out really thin, flatten it and place it on top of the red pieces like stripes. Cut the excess off and put the triangular part on top of the other and place it in the hole in the gray shirt. Then, you have to put the neck which is just a small cylinder of beige clay to put on top of the torso, and your'e done.

Step 6: The Legs and Hands

For the legs, take black clay and roll it into a thick cylinder (about the same size as the torso) then cut a slice down the middle and kind of smooth it out. Make an oval shape out of the black clay and cut it in half and put one underneath each leg. Try to stabilize it by making sure that the feet are flat. For the hands, take beige clay and make them into spheres roughly the same size as each other. With a toothpick, make indents in them for fingers. Take some brown clay and roll it into a tiny cylinder for the wand and put it into one of the hands. Also for the legs, you can take them and stick them underneath the torso with a toothpick to hold them together.

Step 7: the Cloak & Arms

For the cloak, take some black clay and roll it out. Cut it into a rectangle large enough to almost touch the feet and wrap all the way around the shoulder area. Then do exactly that, drape it onto him. For the arms, take some more black clay and cut it into two medium-sized rectangles. Start rolling it into a cone from one corner. Once you've done that to both rectangles, cut the arms to length and stick them on either side of the cloak. Smooth it out to make it look attached to it then put the hands in them at the end of the sleeve. Drape the scarf around the shoulders in whatever way you'd like. Now you're done with this step.

Step 8: and Voila!!

Now bake your figurine at the temperature on the clay package for the recommended amount of time. You might have to watch it as your oven may bake things differently. Check on the clay every couple of minutes. Once it hardens, you have a clay Harry Potter!!! You can give it away or just put it on a shelf, and whoo hoo! You're done with it, and I'm done with this instructable (boy, it took a long time. Don't forget to vote for me!

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