Clay Animation Character

Introduction: Clay Animation Character

in this instructable, I will show you how to make a clay monster for an animation with cheap materials.

Step 1: Materials

the materials you will need:
-chicken wire
-wire mesh

Step 2: Making the Frame

with the chicken wire, your going to cut pieces off with your pliers and form in to the shape you want your monster to look like

Step 3: Adding Tape

once your finished making your frame, you want to start rapping tape aroung the frame, giving the monster more of a shape.

Step 4: Start Adding Clay

after your finished with the tape, start adding your clay for the final shape of your monster.

Step 5: New Step

Step 6: New Step

Step 7: Start Adding Details

add arms, ears, heads, tails ect. in my case, I add arms, a head and a different colour of clay for under the tenticules.

Step 8: Get Really In-depth With the Final Detail

after adding all the basic detail, add the little detail that will complete your monster. I added little dots on the tenticules to make it look life like, then added eyes to the face. the mouth was challenging, because of the small space, but I added drule and teeth. With the wire mesh I pushed it into the clay leaving a scale like texture, making it that much more life like. I added little pieces of coral on his back and a snail on his shoulder.

Step 9: Make It Yours

The monster you make is completly up to you, make it your own. The things you can add, the way you make it look is your personal preference. Just make it yours and have fun with it.

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