Introduction: 3D Printed Clay Natural Refrigerator (botijo)

Botijo (Spanish name) is a traditional "bottle" to preserve cold water

Step 1: History

botijo was invented in 1611

in wikipedia you can read a lille bit of history



Step 2: Design

I studied the shape to obtain the same efficiency, but wit a little bit of design, and because the goal is to print it with a 3D printer, I had to calculate the right hoverhang

I tried many shapes including a lowpoly and thin shell

you can download the STL file here:

Step 3: Material

the traditional one is made in red clay, to print I tried in porcelain but this material is not much porous.
I find Paperclay that is a composite with cellulose, paper and clay.
when you fire the piece, the paper will gone and the piece results well porous.
cellulose helps during the printing to obtain printing with big hoverhang

Step 4: Print

to print the botijo I used a WASP 2040 with CLAY extruder,

using a 2mm nozzle with a 0.6 layer height I have a really good result

Step 5: Firing

Like all kinds of Clay you have to fire the piece, in this case paperclay needs a 1250 degree oven, in a ceramic shop you can choose what kind of temperature you needs in base of your clay

I made this instructables also to try to win the oven and do many material test in the future :)

If you try to print one, feel free to share your results!!!!


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