Introduction: Clay Pens

I originally made these so it'd be easy to catch a pen thief at my job lol But they ended up being so much fun to make. I hope you enjoy making them as much as I did!

Step 1: Materials

Here's what you'll need:
•Oven Bake Clay
Crayola Model Magic
•Clay blade or thin knife
•Ridged Needle Nose Pliers
•Fabric Circle 2-3inches wide
•Super Glue
•Something to flatten the clay -a rolling pin, water bottle, hair spray can etc. (optional)

Step 2: Snakes

Choose 3 colors.
Roll out 3 snakes-
One thick
One medium
One thin

Step 3: Flatten

Flatten out the two thicker snakes.
You can use your hands or your roller. My hair spray can worked great!

Step 4: Halves

Cut the flattened snakes in half and put the pieces side by side.
Then smooth them together.
They will now look like rectangular.

Step 5: Let's Get Rolling!

Roll the thin snake in the first rectangle (the medium thick color)

Step 6: More Rolling

Next, roll it up in the last color. Try to keep the pieces centered.

Step 7: Still Rolling

Roll it out again so the clay will bond.

Step 8: Slicing

Next, trim the parts on the edges that don't have all 3 colors

Then, slice the snake into little pieces. Mine were about the thickness of a nickel.
You'll end up with a bunch of little clay coins.

Step 9: Disassemble

Disassemble your pens and put the ink stick aside.

Step 10: Stick It!

Then start randomly sticking the clay coins all over the outside piece of the pen until it's covered.

Step 11: Last Roll!

Roll it out again so the pieces flatten and blend together.
Fill any small empty spaces with a bit of more clay and roll it again.

Also make sure to leave the ends open so you can get the ink stick back inside.

Step 12: Drying/ Baking

If you used Model Magic or air dry clay:
Let it dry as directed.
Then insert the ink stick again and you're ready to write!

If you used oven bake clay go to the next step.

Step 13: Baking

If you use oven baked clay, bake as directed.
I did mine for 15min at 275°F
Now, I know what you're thinking, " You crazy woman! This pen is going to melt if goes in the oven!" And you're right, it will. No worries, my friends. I took the risk for you and I'll show you how to fix it.

Step 14: Sizing

After the pens have completely cooled, use your blade to cut off the extra clay on the end. (The pen has melted so it will have shrunken to be shorter than the clay.)

Then, if the hole where the ink part goes has melted to be smaller, use your needle nose pliers to scrape it and make it big again.

Now, you COULD also just stick the ink part in DIRECTLY after taking it out of the oven but I don't advise handling hot clay. It burns.

Step 15: You're Done!

Once the space is big enough, put the ink part back in and you're ready to write!

Step 16: The Dancer Pen

This pen is one of my favorites!

Step 17:

For the Dancer Pen, roll out two extra thin snakes and stick them together.

Step 18: Be a Wrapper

Wrap them around the pen. If you don't want to keep the 3D stripes, roll it to flatten and smooth it all out.

Step 19: The Bust

For the bust you will need a piece of clay a little bigger than a quarter

You will also need two pieces about the size of a pea.

Step 20: Heart

On the quarter looking piece trace and cut out a heart-shaped piece

Step 21: Boobs

Add the pea sized balls of clay to the heart shape and smooth them down to create the boobs.

Step 22: Add It On

Wrap the leotard around the top of the pen so it sticks on. The pen should be attached to the entire bottom half of the leotard for stability.

Bake according to the package of your clay.

Step 23: Tutu

Cut a line halfway through the middle of your fabric circle

Wrap it around the waist if your leotard and glue it.

And of course, lastly, put the ink stick back inside.

Step 24: Write On!

You're done and can now enjoy all your pretty pens!

If you tried this idea, please share your pictures. I'd love to see what you create!

Also, if you liked this Instructable, please vote for it in the clay contest. I'd appreciate it so much. Thanks!

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