Clay Pipe Without Any Professional Tools

Introduction: Clay Pipe Without Any Professional Tools

I was on a vacation with my grandparents in a place which is not too close to civilization.
So ,as always, I decided to make something to enjoy myself. I found cappadocia clay at home, but there wasn't any tools to shape it. Then, I asked myself a question can I make a pipe out of this?

Step 1: Materials

You only need some equipments you can easily find at home:

-A bowl of water

-And clay

Step 2: Main Part

First things first, make a clay bowl approximately 2.5 cm (~1 inch) in diameter.
Gently by using your thumb push the middle of the clay to edges in order to create a hole in the middle to put the tobaco.
Take a thin rope and make it leave the ground gently by putting the rope under the clay as close as to the ground and pulling it towards you. Turn it over.
Then, start giving it a shape. I want a squared shape so I push the edges towards each other by creating corners. After giving its basic shape, give upper end a cooler shape like pointing it or something similar to a chin shape.
Lastly, by using a tooth pick drill a hole from a place nearer to the upper side into the middle of our tobacco hole.

Step 3: Smoothening

This is probably the most important step.
FRIENDLY REMINDER: The more you repeat this process a better product you will get.
Dip your fingers to water then push them onto a tissue paper but you need to still feal that your hand is wet.
Then, gently with your slightly wet hand go over the places that you find faulty.
Water will make clay stronger and make your pipe cooler.

Step 4: The Tube

Take some clay , really some it isn't a quantity that you can measure but almost the half of your round.
By using your bouth hands make a cylinder.
Then, cut a 5-7cm (2-3inch) cylinder.
Starting form one side cut your cylinder into half until you reach the middle.
Put a thick rope to the lart you have just cut and close the tube gently by using some water and your hands.
Give the tube the desired shape and pull the rope slowly by not harming your tube.
Pres to one end of your tube gently by not closing the pasaage and giving it the desired shape for your mouth.

Step 5: Finishing

Apply water both to your tube and the hole in the main part and by pressing them together and pushing some clay from the tube to the main part let them come together.
Then, add some stylish figures by using your tooth picks.I will just draw a spades to a aidr.

Step 6: Baking

Heat your oven to 220 celsius and let your pipe bake inside for 45 minutes.
One more important part:
Don't take your pipe until 45 minute is over let it cool woth the oven and take it after 1 or 2 hours.
Taking it imediately will damage your piepe.

Step 7: Conclusion

If you do something yourself you do the best.
And this will be your best pipe ever.
My aim for this project was showing people that they don't need to have experience or professional tools to make a project come true.
And here it is just go to your kitchen fech these basic equipments and shape your clay.
Most importantly HAVE FUN.

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    7 months ago on Step 1

    My first attempt was a complete flop (literally), but I tried again and it turned out GREAT! I learned the baking temperature and time in the oven depends on the clay used. I used a baking clay from Michaels (brown and green) to form the pipe and the mugwort leaf on the front.