Introduction: Clay Pot Fridge

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Theses solar fridges are pretty cool and easy to make. This is a primative way to cool drinks or food in hot climents. The concept is the sand in between the clay cools down the inside open area. You'll get the sand wet then cover the clay pots with a wet towel.

this is what i used

Step 1: Supplies:

for this you will need.

2 clay pots two different sizes.


duct tape




Step 2: Making It:

This project is pretty easy to make. Make sure that smaller pot will fit good in your bigger pot and that there is room to put sand in between. I got mine at a local hardware store. They come with a hole in the bottom of them so you will have to cover that. I used duct tape to cover it. Then you are going to put a layer of sand on the bottom of the big clay pot. You want to put the amount of sand so that when the smaller clay pot is put in it will be flush on with the bigger pot. Then you wanna fill sand in between to the two clay pots. Then you will want to pour water in the sand. Lastly you will want to dampen a towel and place it over the clay pots.