Introduction: Clay Rats

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Hello and thanks for clicking on my instructable. This is my first one so here I go. Right now I will show you simple steps to making little clay rats as the one you saw on the cover

Step 1: Step 1 Gather Your Materials

What you'll need

- any bake able clay colors (I used red and black because I had limited colors, but any two colors you like will work)
-something to cut with (knife,scissors,ect.)
-plastic or styrofoam to protect your table

Step 2: Step 2 Eyes and Nose

Grab the color you choose to use as the eyes and nose and make three little tiny tiny balls

Step 3: Step 3 Shaping the Body

The clay was hard to mold so I made it into little pieces and added it to the rest as I worked

Try to shape it as close as you can to a mouse or rat

Step 4: Step Four Adding Ears and Nose

To make little ears for you mouse or rat start with little triangles then you may use your finger to create a crease where the weird thing hole part of the ear is at. Try to blend it with the body so it looks connected and not like two separate pieces

The nose is simple all you do is grab the little balls (different color than the body) that you made in step 2, and just add it to the tip of the rats face

Step 5: Step 5 Choosing Your Tail

For the tail you can either chose the color you did for the body or the color you chose for the eyes and nose

I decided to choose the eyes and nose color for the tail (if you are doing that color there is more steps than using the color of the body)

Step 6: Step 6 Blending the Tail

If you chose the color of the body for the tail ignore this step but if you didn't, READ THIS!!!!

Using the eyes and nose color is different then the body so blending doesn't look as well as the other but no problem all you need is some more of the body color and blend it around where the tail meets the rear

Step 7: Step 7 the Feet

The feet is simple all you need is to make 4 little balls and blend them with your body

Then your almost done

Step 8: Step 8 Baking the Clay

Bake at 130 C (275 F) for 15 minutes per 6mm (1/4") thickness. Do NOT overbake. Use good ventilation. Do NOT put in microwave oven.

Then enjoy your little rat and add little things for it if you like