Introduction: Clay Ring Bowls

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This is an easy and simple bowl that anyone should be able to make.

Step 1: Everything You Will Need:

Different colors of clay (as many as you want)
Rolling pin
Greece proof paper
Nail polish or paint

Step 2: First

pick how many colors you want and roll them into thin snakes

Step 3: Then

Twist all the snakes together and roll around till the colors look how you like

Step 4: Next

It is time to roll it out so flatten it out a bit and place Greece proof paper over so t is easier to roll out

Step 5: Now

It has been rolled out remove the grease proof paper and lift from the surface

Step 6: Next

Place it into the bowl that you are going to use.

Step 7: Then

Use your blade to cut the edges so they are all the same height and then place the bowl into the oven and bake according to the time on your packet of clay.

Step 8: When

It has came out of the oven leave it to cool before taking it out of the bowl

Step 9: Now

We are going to paint an accent around the edge with nail polish or paint

Step 10: Once

You have painted around the top leave that to dry

Step 11: Finished

Now you bowl is dry everything is done and you can now use the bowl to store your rings or jewelry in.

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