Introduction: Clean Boot Tread

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I get back from hiking and the tread of my boots is invariable packed with compressed packages of the terrain we have been on... the scrubbing brush never takes it out, nor do the variety of " on hand tools" that reach for.. so at last i made the right tool...( sure i could use a screwdriver.. but all mine are busy being screwdrivers and besides where would the fun in that.?)

What i used;

Length of 12mm Rebar ( cause i have lots)

  • 6mm bolt
  • Hacksaw
  • Metal hammer
  • center punch
  • 6mm drill bit
  • Pedestal drill and drill vice
  • Metal file
  • Bench vise
  • Can of rust skill spray paint
  • Wire brush

Step 1: Make the Handle

  • I cut off a length of the rebar.. just a bit longer then the width of my hand.(picture 1)
  • Stuck it in the vice (vertical) and punched a center on the end.(picture 2)
  • Transferred the rebar to the drill vice and drilled down bout 30mm (picture 3)Picture
  • Put it back in the vice and used the file to round off both ends of the rebar

Step 2: Make the Shaft

Took the bolt and laid the thread end on the Anvil block and was surprised how easy it was to flatten it with the metal hammer.(picture 4 &5)

Stuck it in the vice and filed the now flattened end straight(Picture 6)

Flipped the bolt around and hack sawed off the head, then grabbed the file and rounded off the edge on this end

Step 3: Join It Up

Simple - line up the end of the rounded off end of the shaft with the center hole in the handle, give it a couple of taps with the Hammer and hey presto all done.(picture 7)

Then a quick clean up with a wire brush and a spray of rust prevention... (to prevent rust stains on my washing bench and gear.. not because i was concerned about it rusting:-)