Introduction: Clean Your Clothes Iron Very Easily by Wax

After using the clothing iron for several times it forms a adhesive splotch on its surface which makes the iron rough and due to this reason we are no more able to iron our clothe smoothly and easily. Not only this sometime more and more splotches make our clothing iron too much footless that we can’t make a simple iron successful.

I will show you how you can clean adhesive iron very easily using wax in a very short time.

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Step 1: You Need...

1. Iron which have to clean

2. A candle

3. A table

4. A peace of old cloth

Step 2: Cleaning...

Connect your iron to the power source and heat it well. When heated up then apply some clear wax over the entire surface of the iron by dragging the candle into the iron surface. Do it carefully keeping the iron perfectly horizontal.

Now mop off the bulk of the liquid wax by ironing the old cloth back and forth with a gentle pressure for about 30 seconds.

Repeat the above steps for several times until the iron's surface is sparkling clean.

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