Introduction: "CleanBasket" Bin With Basketball Hoop

About: Student MCT at Howest (Kortrijk Belgium)

Do you always want a clean desk?
Then the CleanBasket is definitely for you. Always throw everything in the trash and earn points with it. Try to break your highscore every day!



- Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

- T-Cobbler Plus Module

- Arduino Uno

- 16x2 LCD Module

- 4 digit 7 segment display

- Ultrasoon Sensor - HC-SR04

- LDR (Light Dependent Resistor)

- FSR (Force-Sensing Resistor)

- Buzzer

- MCP3008


- Hinge (x2)

- Bin

- Basketball hoop (16 cm)

- Screws

- Paint spray can (x4)

- MDF 1.8 cm:

- 35 cm / 8 cm (x2)

- 21 cm / 8 cm (x2)

- 30 cm / 20 cm (x2)

- 35 cm / 35 cm (x1)

- MDF 0.3 cm:

- 35 cm / 24.6 cm

- 35 cm / 23 cm


- Screw drill

- Screwdriver

- Cutter knife

- Tape

Step 1: Fritzing Schematic

The easiest way to do the serial communication is with an usb cable. Then the Arduino is also powered by the Raspberry Pi. So you don't need an extra cable.

Step 2: Database Normalization

Step 3: Case

Step 1:

First you make the frame for the electronics. You nail the 35 cm / 8 cm and the 21 cm / 8 cm from 1.8 cm together so you have the outside frame (view second picture). But don't attach the top panel, so you can work more easy in e second.

Step 2:

Now you can attach the 2 support panels to the frame (view third picture). Once these are attached you can attach the top panel from the frame.

Step 3:

Now you can nail the bottom part to the case. Make sure that you bin can stand an the platform (view fourth picture).

Step 4:

At last you can attach the thinner mdf on to the frame. Attach the hinges on the back panel. You can also make holes for the LCD, LDR, 4 digit 7 segment display, FSR and the buzzer.

Step 4: Code

Link to Github:


In the Backend folder you can find the This is the core of the application. In the, you find the connection with the database. The reading of the database happens in the repositories folder.


Here you find the database.


Here you can find the index.html and the highscore.html. With the style and script folder, you got everything you need.

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