Introduction: Swiffer Mod - Easiest Ever!

I had seen a few Swiffer instructables here, and thought what a great idea they were - buying the solution bottles and pads was expensive and wasteful, and the wet pads left a residue on the floor. I got all the stuff I needed, but didn't have time to make the washable pads or mod the wetjet bottle to make it refillable, so I came up with a quick and lazy way to get the same results.

All you need is a Swiffer, a bucket, some old washcloths, and your cleaning solution.

Step 1: Soap Up the Rag.

Soak the washcloth and squeeze it out, but not completely. The wetter it is, the more it will clean, but you don't want puddles. Lay the washcloth on the floor and center the head of the swiffer on it.

Step 2: Attach the Rag.

Flip the washcloth over the top, then fold the edges back until you can see the grippers. Poke the fold into all four grippers.

Step 3: Wash the Floor.

Here's a hint: wash back and forth, with the grain if your floor has one, then go over it by lifting the swiffer, putting it on a wet spot, and dragging it towards you. This gathers any hair or debris into a pile you can then pick up. When the washcloth is dirty, you can use the clean edges and corners to scrub stubborn spots. Don't put the dirty cloth back into your clean water!!!

Step 4: Clean More Stuff!

Since you haven't put anything dirty into the soapy water, you can use it to clean other things as well. Have you taken a look at your toekicks or the bottom edges of your cabinets lately? Ick! Might as well wash the cabinets and appliances, too, maybe the baseboards, chair and table legs, doorknobs and the filthy door and trim near them. . .

Step 5: Using a Wetjet. . .

You can do this with a Wetjet style swiffer or even a regular sponge mop, too, you just need some more hardware. Clothespins will work, but these paperclips hold a lot better.